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Arbella Insurance Group, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States, is a regional property and casualty insurance company providing business and personal insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as business insurance in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Since its conception, Arbella Insurance Group has adopted the independent agent model, as opposed to several national insurance companies known as “direct writers,” who allow prospective customers to receive a quote instantly online, and to then purchase their insurance policies the same way. Arbella Insurance Group serves as a carrier, partnering with independent insurance agencies throughout New England to write lines of commercial and personal insurance for its customers.

In 1988, Kemper Insurance Group announced its intentions to withdraw from the Massachusetts auto market. A key piece of legislation was needed to make the company solvent in the Massachusetts market, and within 30 days, the key piece of legislation needed to form Arbella passed.

In 2008, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance made the decision to “discontinue the practice of state-set rates for private passenger auto insurance and allow insurers to propose rates.” A monumental occurrence for Massachusetts insurers, this decision came after the ill-fated 1977 attempt to allow full competition in the private passenger auto market.

John Donohue, President and CEO of Arbella, spoke about how his company would fare in this new climate of competition. He reported that Arbella was “not only ready to adapt, but also to succeed and prosper in this new business environment.”

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