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Atlantis Health Plan is a health insurance company with a clear mission for providing New York residents with affordable and quality health care services. This health insurer ensures that consumers with Atlantis health insurance plans will receive appropriate care from local practicing physicians.

Atlantis Health Plan has become one of the fastest growing health insurance companies in New York City because of their great service and mission to provide the highest quality products.

Choosing Atlantis Health Plan
The founders of Atlantis Health Plan started the company to create a stronger relationship between the patient and the health care provider. Health care professionals that work with Atlantis Health Plan use their skills, experience and knowledge to make the best decisions for their consumers and patients.

Other advantages of an Atlantis Health Plan include comprehensive hospital and medical coverage, prevention and early detection programs, a wide choice of medical providers, variety of copayment options and a medical hotline that is available for consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Consumers with Atlantis Health Plan health insurance policies have access to over 33,000 physician locations providing accessible health care throughout New York.

Another great benefit of being an Atlantis Health Plan consumer is that the company is partnered with Catalyst Rx to provide prescription drugs. Catalyst Rx is a local company that provides a great prescription mail order delivery program.

Atlantis Health Plan History
On April 17, 1995, Atlantis Health Systems, Inc. was incorporated in New York. It was a holding company that was controlled by New York health care professionals that practiced in New York City.

Atlantis Health Systems was organized by 12 New York Physicians. These physicians established Atlantis Health Plans, which is a subsidiary of Atlantis Health Systems.

The physicians’ ultimate goal was to create a business that focused on the relationship between the patient and the health care professional in New York – a relationship that they felt was lost over time.

Atlantis Health Plan Today
Atlantis Health Plan has partnered with American Specialty Health to offer two online health and wellness portals, Healthyroads and ChooseHealthy.

Healthyroads offers consumers the tools to get a Personal Health Assessment online and provides personal plan recommendations to help improve consumers’ health and health care decisions.

ChooseHealthy offers great discounts on health care services from more than 6,000 credentialed complementary care providers. Also consumers of ChooseHealthy can receive discounts on a variety of health products like vitamins, skin care and home fitness products.

Atlantis Health Plan Business
Atlantis Health Plan gives back to the community in other ways than offering great programs for preventive care. Atlantis has led community efforts in New York to help college graduates find affordable health care.

Atlantis Health Plan also helps globally. Dr. Jean Claude Lemoine, the Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis Health Plan, went to Haiti to help with the Haiti Earthquake Relief. The Haitian native offered his surgical skills to help the people in crisis.

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