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Blue Shield Of California Health Insurance: Information, Health Plans & Insurance Quotes
For almost 70 years, Blue Shield of California has been offering affordable health insurance solutions for residents all across the state. Today, they have over 3.2 million members.

Blue Shield of California has an extensive product portfolio – including individual, family, Health Savings Accounts, Medicare, and short-term health plans. They also offer group health coverage for businesses.

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Why Choose Blue Shield Of California?
As a non-profit company, Blue Shield of California is fully committed to the members they serve. Their mission is to provide all residents of California affordable health insurance and care.

They work with a large network of health care providers. The Blue Shield California network includes over 70,000 physicians and more than 650 hospitals.

Their History
Blue Shield of California was founded as the California Physician’s Service (CPS) in 1938. They were created by the California Medical Association House of Delegates by an overwhelming vote of 114-12.

The CPS went public in 1940, offering pre-paid health care plans for California residents. In their first year, 20,000 new members enrolled and 5,000 physicians joined the care network.

As the CPS evolved, they expanded their portfolio to a full line of health insurance plans. It included catastrophic coverage, nursing home care, Medicare plans, vision care, and life insurance.

In 1959, California Physician’s Service became Blue Shield of California Insurance Company.

Now, Blue Shield of California is one of the largest health insurance providers in the state. Their corporate headquarters is in San Francisco.

Blue Shield In The Community
As a responsible citizen and fellow member of the community, Blue Shield of California is committed to staying involved.

Blue Shield employees are always encouraged to volunteer their time to help other non-profit organizations. They also provide charitable contributions to help efforts improve the quality of life and health for everyone in California.

Through the Blue Shield of California Foundation, they provide $30 million in grants every year to initiatives for improving health care, developing health technology, and fighting domestic violence.

Supporting Universal Healthcare
Recently, Blue Shield of California has come out in support of universal health care.

They recognize the growing number of uninsured Americans is becoming a big problem. Blue Shield of California believes providing universal coverage will require the shared responsibility of individuals, businesses, insurance companies, and the government.

Blue Shield continues to work statewide and nationwide to voice the need for universal health care in America.

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Blue Shield Of California
425 Market Street, 12th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105
(888) 702-4171


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