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CeltiCare is a managed care organization, commonly referred to as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that is committed to providing better health outcomes for its members by providing affordable services and wellness education.

CeltiCare Healthplan of MA was established in 2009. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts the company is dedicated to providing Massachusetts residents with affordable and reliable quality health insurance coverage.

CeltiCare health insurance plans are tailored to meet the needs of its members by presenting them with the choice of benefits to fit a variety of needs.

CeltiCare is backed by its parent company Celti Group, Inc. which offers a new form of locally managed health care to meet the needs of Massachusetts residents.

CeltiCare Health Plans
CeltiCare has a very simple set-up to make health care affordable and consistent with their members needs.

A consumer can choose three levels of health insurance coverage with CeltiCare including Gold, Silver, and Bronze. All Choice plans available provide coverage for prescription drugs, medical, and hospitalization costs.

CeltiCare health insurance policies have varying deductibles and premiums to fit consumers’ budgets.

These are just a sampling of the many plans available to the residents of Massachusetts through CeltiCare Healthplan. CeltiCare Healthplan also offers plans under CeltiCare Direct and Commonwealth Care in order for you to find a plan that suits your needs!

CeltiCare Stay Healthy Programs
CeltiCare is not only committed to providing the absolute best health care coverage but they want to help their members stay healthy. CeltiCare provides health management programs that cover topics like asthma and diabetes and case management for members who need assistance with other special health care needs.

MemberConnections is a CeltiCare program that puts members in touch with local community programs to increase individual’s overall health status. Included in the MemberConnections are translation services for members who do not speak English and CeltiCare also offers wellness programs that entice members to live a healthier lifestyle. And CeltiCare rewards members for actively participating in living healthier lifestyles.

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