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If you have an urban lifestyle, where you might not use your car every day, then Metromile could be for you. Metromile offers a revolutionary kind of car insurance for low-mileage drivers (under 200 miles per week). With pay-per-mile insurance, your monthly bill is based on the miles driven. Unlike other usage-based programs, the Pulse doesn’t take your braking or speed into account – just your mileage. Plug a device in your car and it measures how many miles you drive; the less you drive – the less you pay. Plus, if you drive more than 150 miles a day (250 miles in WA), the additional miles are free. I think I can hear a road trip coming…!

Despite saving on your insurance, you won’t have to skimp on coverage. Metromile offers the basics like bodily injury, property damage and uninsured motorist cover but also offers some premium options. You can choose to add rental reimbursement, 24/7 roadside assistance and comprehensive and collision coverage.

Metromile not only wants to help with your insurance, they want to improve your entire car owning experience. When you download the free Metromile app, you can keep track of your trips. You can see where you went and how long it took to get there. The app also helps to locate your car in case it’s stolen (or you simply forget where you parked it). Plus, if you live in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco, you can sign up for street sweeping alerts to avoid future tickets.

Metromile Company Discounts:

Mileage: The less you drive your car, the lower your premium will be
Multi-vehicle:Insure more than one vehicle and take advantage of a discount
Mature driver: Older drivers have more experience on the road, so Metromile will reward this experience will discounted premiums

Contact Us

Customer Service: 888-244-1702
Claims: 888-215-9176
Roadside Assistance: 888-215-9176
Metromile, 690 Folsom Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94107

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