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A modern insurance company, Quilt aims to make insurance simple, easy and friendly. Some insurance companies are still stuck in the past: requiring paper signatures and endless phone calls to automated menus before you can get anything done. Quilt is a breath of fresh air.
They do the majority of their communication online, putting the power in your hands. You want to submit a claim? You can sign in to your secure online portal and enter your details. Want to make a change to your policy details? Simply go online and get it sorted – whatever time of day it may be.

Getting insurance for your belongings can be a stressful experience if you go with the wrong company. Quilt want to make things as straightforward as possible. They train their agents to understand all of the ins and outs of renters insurance so you’re not bouncing between departments.

Your policy with Quilt will cover a variety of instances. Your belongings are covered in your home (up to your policy limit) as well as if you’re on the go. If your handbag is stolen at the restaurant, or your laptop’s taken at the café – it’s covered.

Not only are your belongings covered with Quilt, they’re covered to their full value: not their depreciated value. That means, if you buy a brand new 60-inch TV and two years later it gets stolen or damaged in a fire, Quilt will give you the full value. That’s enough money to buy a new 60-inch TV, not money to buy a two-year-old TV.

Quilt Insurance Discounts:

Multi-product: Save up to 10% on your premium when you bundle your auto and home policy
Defensive driver: If you’ve completed a qualifying driver course, you could save up to 7%
Superior driver: Earn up to 12% off your price if you can prove you’ve been claim free for five years
Good student: Got a straight-A student in your household? They could earn you up to 15% off your premium

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