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Say Insurance is the new kid on the block, bringing a fresh perspective to the auto insurance world. While some may question whether or not a rookie insurer can hang with the competition, Say’s backing allows quite a bit of confidence. Their parent company, Shelter Insurance, has more than 70 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

Although Say’s premiums are competitive, they recognize it’s not all about who can show the lowest price; it’s about who can provide the most valuable experience.

Say Insurance is all about being clear and transparent with their coverage options, rather than giving you the generic, jargon-filled explanations you might find elsewhere. It’s not about hiding technicalities; it’s about exposing them, being useful and protecting drivers from misinformation. The more information drivers have, the more power they have to pick the coverage that’s right for them.

That’s also one of the reasons Say shows drivers their insurance score for free when they quote (and at every six-month renewal). Not only do they provide the score, Say also gives drivers the top factors affecting their score and tips for improvement. With their simple, clear-cut and honest approach to car insurance, Say drivers can know what they’re paying for and why.

Say wants to make insurance easy, and that includes offering customers multiple ways to communicate. There is a 24/7 claims line, and the Say Service Squad available six days a week via chat, email and phone. Say’s Facebook and Twitter are constantly updated with information and can also be a contact point for those drivers who prefer social media.

Say Insurance Discounts:

Advance purchase: Buy your policy at least 7 days before you need it and they’ll give you a discount
Electronic documents: Save the planet and save some cash
Continuous insurance: If you have no gaps in your coverage, Say wants to reward you with lower premiums
Paid in full: Choose to pay annually and you could save money

Contact Us

Customer Service: 800-225-5729
Claims: 800-225-5729
Roadside Assistance: 866-296-8145
Say Insurance, 1817 W Broadway, Columbia, Missouri 65203

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